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AnyRidge Implant

AnyRidge Implant

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AnyRidge has a unique macro design that allows it to get maximum initial stability in any type of bone.
With different implant diameters that share the same core, the clinician can choose the right implant according to the bone density and the level of stability he wishes to achieve.
Thanks to its unique knife thread and super self-tapping design, better initial stability can be achieved in any type of bone with minimum bone stress.
It offers maximum bone to implant contact (BIC), maximized compressive force resistance and minimized shear force production.
The patented 5° internal locking morse taper connection offers a complete hermetic seal that  prevents the loosening of the abutment screw. The internal hex size is the same on all diameters, making it a lot easier to organize the prosthetic components.
The clinician can choose between the well researched Super RBM surface treatment (8-12 weeks osseointegration) and the innovative XSpeed Surface (6-8 weeks osseointegration).
The surgical kit allows for a customized surgical protocol. The stopper drills, the tissue punches, the trephines and the high quality stainless still drills are designed to meet the most challenging surgical situations.
The implant’s platform shifting and the innovative abutment’s S line guarantees the most beautiful, natural – looking results in the aesthetical area.

166,00 €Price
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