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  • Tissue origin :
    Equine lyophilised collagen felt and equine bone
  • Tissue collagen :
  • Physical form :
    Dried membrane covered with micronized bone
  • Composition :
    Collagen felt and bone granules
  • Granulometry :
    Up to 300 µm
  • Thickness :
    About 1 mm
  • Estimated resorption :
    About 15 days
  • Packaging :
    20x20 mm, 25x25 mm
  • Product codes :
    With granules coating
    €50 DT020 | 1 Blister | 20x20 mm | Equine
    Collagen felt only
    €200 DTN625 | 6 Blisters | 25x25 mm | Equine


  • Characteristics: Duo-Teck is made of lyophilized collagen of equine origin, biocompatible and quickly resorbable. It differs from other membranes as it is coated on one side with a film of micronized bone, also of equine origin: this coating increases its consistency and stability, allowing good protection of grafts together with a correct repositioning of soft tissues.
  • Handling: Duo-Teck can be easily placed directly in the grafting site with the micronized bone film side in contact with the graft and the smooth side in contact with the soft tissues.
  • Clinical indications: Duo-Teck is indicated in all those cases where a "soft" separation between tissues of different consistency is necessary. Duo-Teck can be used to protect the maxillary sinus membrane in sinus floor augmentation procedures1, in order to avoid accidental lesions caused by grafting material. It can be also used for closure of antrostomy, before replacement of the muco-gingival flap.


200,00 €Price
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