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GTO (sis 1 ruisku)

GTO (sis 1 ruisku)

Key characteristics

  • Faster and safer
  • Outstanding stability
  • Optimal stickiness (due to TSV gel)
  • Directly injectable
  • Adaptable


The innovative OsteoBiol® GTO® bone substitute represents a new standard of excellence in the field of dental biomaterials: the new GTO® combines the biological advantages of Dual-Phase technology, which preserves the collagen from the xenogenic bone matrix, with a ready-to-use “sticky bone” consistency, ideal for non self-containing defects.


The specific advantage of GTO is the mixture of xenogenic collagenated cortico-cancellous granules with the innovative thermosensitive and bioresorbable OsteoBiol® TSV Gel.


The thermosensitive gel component has allowed the developement of a unique product, easy to apply, adaptable to the defect morphology and extremely stable once grafted: a real “sticky bone” always ready to use in any clinical indication.


OsteoBiol® GTO® offers also another important biological advantage, deriving from its Dual-Phase technology, able to preserve collagen within each granule’s bone matrix: the presence of collagen guarantees an excellent biological response from patient’s host tissues as well as an adequate vascularization and volume maintenance.


OsteoBiol® GTO® has been designed as universal biomaterial for bone grafting in dentistry, easily adaptable to any type of bone defect, and to be used in association with OsteoBiol® Evolution membranes or with OsteoBiol® Lamina to protect the graft.


However, thanks to its ideal viscosity and outstanding stability, it is particularly indicated for horizontal regeneration procedures and for socket preservation cases with compromised buccal plate.


OsteoBiol® GTO® can also be successfully used to treat peri-implant lesions, dehiscences and severe intrabony defects.

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